Monday, May 9, 2011

Here I am


Woohoo, I'm back to blogging !  Anyone missed me ? Nah, I guess no one did.

what to write - what to write - what to write.

Did anyone like my header? Teehee! made specially for spongebob lovers P: . HAH!

These few days, I don't know is it me, or is it fate. I kept bumping into my teachers, -.-. First my school Physics teacher, then my Math teacher. LOLS, what a coincident. 

What should I do ? Edit pictures // Edit videos // Learn how to remix songs // Study ? The weather is so hot nowadays, -.- we don't even have to go to the sauna, the environment is already the sauna. So damn hot, one day (maybe) Malaysia will become a drought desert. 

10.5.2011 will be the sport's day rehearsal, going to sleep now. 

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