Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better late then never,


, :D Childhood memories brings back laughter.

Utada - Come Back To Me,

Those days,

1. When I came out from -somewhere over the rainbow- and got spank on the buttocks by the 'evil' nurse.
2. When I was a real baby, crying like a maniac, in the cradle.
3. When I managed to become a toddler, and crawled around like it was my playground.
4. When I learned how to walk, rocking around like Michael Jackson (SO NOT TRUE.)
5. When I had my first bottle of milk, arr, the SUSTAGEN brand! Yumm-yumm, but not for now, of course.
6. When I won't stop learning my brother in everything, including talking, playing and so-on so-on, except for............ you know... x=
7. When I know how to spell my name K-I-M-B-E-R-L-Y L-A-U-S-U W-E-N-N , stupid.
8. When I'm a good girl, who does my homework every time I come back from kindergarten
9. When I had nappies everyday.
10. When I owned a lot of pets.
11. When I was afraid of balloons, and dare not go near it even though it is 5m away from me, yes, stupid.
12. When I had my trip to a Pulau, which I forgotten which one, and ended up my lungs filled with water. Ha- Ha . So not funny.
13. When I had my first X-ray ! Wooo, cool XD
14. When I tagged along with my Aunt Angela for great presents during Christmas Eve's nights @ Toys R' Us.
15. When boxing day was the day where wrapped presents were tore into one-two-three, lots and lots of pieces.

Okay 15 is enough, I can't think any anymore =.=
Yeah, HCNY btw 0.0 Do enjoy such beautiful song. :)

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